Kellerberrin Kiosk Kaos teaches sustainability

16/05/2018 Posted by admin

FOR a number ofyears now, Kellerberrin District High School’s middle school students have beenrunning a unique enterprise project.
Nanjing Night Net

The students havebeen managing and operating their own canteen service, Kiosk Kaos.

The kiosk is setup at recess and lunch and the students run it themselves for the benefit ofother children.

The kiosk alsohelps students develop an understanding of finance and running a business.

A kitchen gardenhas also been set up where students have harvested their own herbs, bok choy,potatoes and broccoli to name a few.

The kitchen garden has been very beneficial inthe students’ learning and also teaches them sustainability.

Owen McClelland, Daniel Luers and Tom Jones prepare the lunch menu at the school’s student-managed canteen.

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