QUICK QUIZ … By Roy O’Reilly

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Peter Overton1. Is Rapa Nui also known as Christmas Island or Easter Island? 2. During a Sixty Minutes interview in 2005, which Hollywood star told reporter Peter Overton to “put your manners back in”? 3. Which sisters won the 2009 Australian Open tennis doubles title? 4. In the fourth century BC, which leader planned to make Europe and Asia one country? 5. “Who wants to stick together with them, you know, if you get, stick foot on sticky paper, you get both of them on, you fall over,” said which long-serving Queensland premier? 6. What is the term for the warning given by US police to suspects in a custodial situation? ANSWERS1. Easter Island. 2. Tom Cruise. 3. Serena and Venus Williams. 4. Alexander the Great. 5. Joh Bjelke- Petersen. 6. Miranda warning.
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