QUICK QUIZ … By Roy O’Reilly

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Doctor Evil1. The world’s oldest disease is reputedly (a) chickenpox (b) leprosy (c) measles? 2. Britain and which other country fought the Opium Wars in the 19th century? 3. How many kangaroos are depicted on an Australian $1 coin? 4. A front page headline labelled which Swedish boxing star “The Fleeing Rat” after he was disqualified for “not giving of his best” at the 1952 Olympics? 5. Doctor Evil had his underground headquarters behind the famous Hollywood sign in California in which 2002 movie? 6. Which US insurance giant recently reported a 2008 loss of $159 billion? ANSWERS1. (b) leprosy. 2. China. 3. Five. 4. Ingemar Johansson. 5. Austin Powers in Goldmember. 6. AIG. (American International Group).
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