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Unsound basis TASMANIAN Greens leader Nick McKim’s reported statement (The Examiner, May 29) that 78 per cent of the 1000 people polled were in favour of his proposed Dying With Dignity Bill (The Examiner, May 29) would hint that this was the view of most Tasmanians. Based on our population of 500,000, his number polled represents .002 per cent – hardly a sound basis on which to claim that most were in favour of his proposed bill. The 2006 census shows that persons in Tasmania who had no religion amounted to 21.5 per cent of our population – hardly a majority. – SYD DWYER, Sandy Bay. Great initiative IT IS not often I agree with Tasmanian Greens policy but leader Nick McKim’s Dying With Dignity Bill is a great initiative. Two years ago I took my 17-year- old dog to the vet as she was seriously ill. The vet recommended she be euthanised as her quality of life has been destroyed and, with great sadness, I made that painful decision. If my mother reaches a same point as my old dog (a comparison she wouldn’t be offended by), then my family’s only option would be to keep her alive regardless of whether she became a human whose only function was to breathe and have physical pain dulled by powerful drugs. That is not respecting the sanctity of life, a term bandied about by the conservative likes of Lyons Liberal MHA Rene Hidding (The Examiner, May 26). It is completely disregarding human dignity and condemning a person to a pitiful existence. Compassionate humans would never inflict that upon another. – GEOFF McLEAN, Launceston.
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